Meloncholy the infinite sadness
Billy Corgan behind bars
Me and Lombado like movie stars
These babies got dry skins
Amarishnu you should have told me
Olsen twin, DJ, Stephanie, Uncle Joey
You was with Crime and Punishment like Dostoesky
Tolstoy, Turgenev, Pushkin
Think you rap like me you little munchkin
Dinosaur rap, fruity pebbles
I rode on a stegosaurus
Your face is pourous
Elves, dwarves, wizards, dragons and stuff
guns, napkins, toothpaste, no time to waste
I see the eagle flying, he sad you need Head & Shoulders
My head weighs heavy like boulder
It's colder like Iococoa
You shouldn't have ordered mocha
I knew you was broke-a
I'm flagging you black like Rollins
Quit stalling like Stalin
Hey Venkat, the girls in Wisconsin got the clap
Tree sap, Alexander, the map
Master P, catastrophe, plastic bee
hee, ha, ho har har
The music is like FPR, my soul is jarred
Smash mouth, 311, Blink 182
Carson Daly, Muslims, Jews
Connect the dots, I heard you got blues
Checkmate, looks like you gonna lose
Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Taboo
I wore Brad Goldstein's Dad's swimsuit
Cantaloupe fruit salad ice cream Beezlebub
Lord of the Flies 6 foot party sub
Piggy smashed by boulder cry on my shoulder
Hold up, tracks get hot you get colder
snowball yeti treasure chest magic flute
Wearing Brad Goldstein's dad's swimsuit
Encrusted it with semen you agreein
I rap like a chocolate eclair
Tostitos milkshakes gratuitous violence
Stop studying me start studying science
Astronomy anatomy psychology biology
Physics chemistry astrology zoology
Shine my shoes read the news
Have an abortion you got the right to choose
Then gimme the fetus don't deplete us
Of nourishment or encouragement, feed us
Greet us at the door with potato pancakes
Land-o-lakes whipped butter, Frosted Flakes