The origin of SIDESPLITTAZ is quite amazing. Although cousins, Vijay Amarishnu and Venkat Seshadi never met until they were both teenagers. Vijay grew up in Chicago, while Venkat lived in a small village near Madras ("The Dirty South"), India. When they met in 1998, they thought they would have nothing in common. However, the two soon realized they had a mutual love for rap music, and began trading rhymes. After winning a local talent show, they met up with producer Charlie Lombado and have been SIDESPLITTAZ ever since.
Featuring a unique "East-meets-West" flavor and biting lyrics, SIDESPLITTAZ have garnered numerous fans through their much talked about live shows, CDs, action figures and websites.

"Rapping has made
me a better person.
"Music is a great way
to communicate
with people.
"In the end, it's all
about expressing